Pedagocig Proposition

Sion Curitiba


School of Our Lady of Sion stands out for its differentiated method: the Montessori-Lubienska. This method induces discipline without loss of freedom. Much more than acquisition of knowledge, from Basic to Secondary Education, Sion students develop their intellectual capacity, the exercise of reflection and critical judgment.

For the institution, the act of educating is essentially social and, in this sense, Sion shares this task with the family. However, the school is the main responsible for organizing, defining a system and developing scientific capabilities in its students.


Ramain privileges experimentation as the way to foster development, through motor, cognitive and emotional aspects. The entire proposition is done as a group and groups intellectual, affective and motor aspects of those who take part. In School, all students participate in Ramain, from the very first years of the schooling phase to the end of Secondary education.

But there is a time in which teachers, coordinators, principal, in short, everyone, takes part in these exercises. This is one of the stages of ongoing education, of faculty up-date. There are even parents who share in Ramain.

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Sion Rio de Janeiro

In defining its Political Pedagogical Project, the School of Our Lady of Sion prioritized in its educational intentions drive student formation that, through knowledge of self and of others, respect, nurture, dialog and learn with the differences present in the different cultural, social, ethnic and political groups found in the school.

School of Our Lady of Sion prioritizes and encourages in students the development of qualities like autonomy, political and ecological awareness, social responsibility, critical sense, initiative and independence. All that is needed to coexist with challenges in society with an ethical posture, this is the reference defined in the institutional educational intentions.

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Sion Higienópolis

School of Our Lady of Sion works to an up-to-date curriculum design, addressing the requirements of the moment we live in and without losing sight of the institution’s permanent values. The methodology employed provides students with the instruments needed for the ongoing process of search for knowledge.

The institution provides students with knowledge, through mastery of contextualized and trans-disciplinary curricular content, enabling learning with significance. There is also the encouragement to intellectual autonomy: capacity of accessing, selecting and organizing information in formulating critical reasoning. Students identify and solve problems based on an exercise in reflection, analysis and synthesis, reasoning conditions that generate alternatives with awareness in all their choices.

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Sion Vila Maria

The São Teodoro School of Our Lady of Sion works under a ,strong>methodology based on knowledge building, striving for the new, addressing all the needs of students and perfecting educators in the quest for knowledge and quality in innovation.

The students’ prior experience, in research and informal processes in education which they have already had, is valued by the School. The research work is planned, with a view to promoting trans-disciplinary actions and, in this way, facilitate understanding for the students. At São Teodoro School of Our Lady of Sion, we value the student interaction process, offering them the necessary conditions for decision making with autonomy. We provide this freedom in their educational process given that the student is the builder of knowledge.

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