Day Care Center

The School of Our Lady of Sion in Rio Janeiro offers parents of young children an option that comes even before the Elementary Education cycle, the Day Care Center. Students have the possibility of experiencing interactive environment rich in discoveries.

The care given to the children is geared to address hygiene, nutrition and sleep, but there is also the affective dimension of care, in line with each child’s needs and particularities to achieve full development. In this phase, learning is the outcome of multiple experiences, like the construction of oral skills, movement, playing, games, music, body expression, artistic and performing arts expressions.

Age group: 1 year and two months
Grade: Nursery II

Elementary Education cycle

Students in Elementary Education perform real life activities and experience game-based learning opportunities that encourage creativity, cooperation and sense of responsibility. In this age group, the school encourages the process of child socialization and promotes construction of autonomy, promoting the different forms of interaction to bridge the children’s needs and interests.

The capacity to dialog, exchange ideas, express desires and needs, which presume oral and written expression. At the end of this cycle, students, through a broad and diversified range of experiences, participate in an environment that promotes learning of reading and writing skills.

Age group: 2 to 5 years old
Grade: Maternal I to Child II

Elementary Education cycle I

In this period, students develop autonomous study skills and are encouraged to research. Through challenging, trans-disciplinary activities that must be carried out, students apply their freedom and responsibility, thus becoming the active subject of the teaching-learning process.

In this age range, children have higher concentration capacity in activities that awaken their interest. They also manage to plan ahead of time, as well as, evaluating their results and reflect on the work done, including the way in which it was carried out. This awareness raising targets taking students to looking for ways of enhancing their cognitive, emotional and social development.

Age group: 6 to 10 years old
Grade: 1st to 5th

Elementary Education cycle II

In this age group, teenagers display higher focus capacity on activities that awaken their interest. They also need to act, explore and experiment, even though they endeavor to better understand causes, reasons and consequences of these actions. They can also plan well ahead of time.

Students, in the different areas of knowledge, undertake a diversified range of daily activities in class. Similar to Elementary Education cycle I, in this phase it is important that students further their development of the sense of reflection and their self-assessment capability.

Age group: 11 a 14 years old
Grade: 6th to 9th grades

Secondary Education cycle

Sion’s educational proposition targets forming free and responsible human education for students. The Secondary Education cycle must contribute to the development of the students’ cognitive skills, broadening their logical reasoning capacity, enhancing the processes of abstraction, analysis, reading and interpretation.

Preparation of students for the challenge of the university entrance exams is another priority of Secondary Education. Students learn about their possibilities and, with autonomy, seek more depth to their knowledge, and so, approval for the best universities in the country has been one of its trademarks.

In this phase, the institution also helps in the process of professional definition, though assignments and projects carried out in the daily delivery of the different disciplines and within the scope of educational guidance. It is essential that students perceive the responsibility that falls upon them and renders them the subject of their own formation.

Age group: 15 to 17 years old
Grade: 1st to 3rd

Full Time Schools

In the off shift, students can perform their tasks under the guidance of a teacher who remains with the group for the entire period. This is the moment to organize time, material and to develop and apply a study routine. This is the time when the extra-curricular activities are offered. In this context, children see the full time regime as a space for growth where challenge and exchanges with other will supplement and help with their formal learning.

Age group: 2 to 13 years old
Grade: Maternal I to 8th grade in Elementary Education II

Faculty qualification, at the secondary level in the modality Normal

The School of Our Lady of Sion in Curitiba offers students in the off shift, the opportunity to achieve the necessary skills to follow the profession of Teacher. The Faculty qualification, at the secondary level in the modality Normal course involves students in practical teaching experiences, researching and qualification of educators committed to the Sion´s educational and philosophical propositions. The contact with younger children makes youths more responsible and sensitive to human problems.