Charism and Religion

The Charism of Sion is characterized by dialog, by listening, reception and in being disciple. The Congregation of Our Lady of Sion, through its charism, proposes global education for men with awareness. And biblical reflections are the basis for a Christian formation offered by Sion. The apostolic duty and loyalty of Sion lead the School to establish a school environment enabler of experiences of pedagogic and pastoral nature, guiding children and youths in building a new world vision and participating in Christian values.

Students are educated to know how to coexist with differences, always bearing in mind that, for other people, we are the ones who are different. The School is the space where the reverence for the beliefs of others drives the development of the qualities required for fraternal coexistence. It is in the day to day that the “disarmament” and welcoming differences is practiced, but without losing our own identity – we must learn to welcome each other the way we each are, without waiving who I am.

The work of Sion, faced with a pluralistic society and coming from a biblical attitude, is to value life, of the unique and different being, fighting any and all types of discrimination.

Sion is the place where people become sensitive to differences: social difference, racial difference, difference in religions.